Uncertainty Can Kill A Soul

Hi family

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It has been a while since i last uploaded a post.

Truth is, i have been busy, in between getting carried away, actual business, acting crazy and writing stuff i haven’t got to the uploading part with.

Anyhow, in the passed two weeks i have learnt something from a valuable teaching.


If there is one thing this life knows and gives the gift of progress to is “certainty“… be sure of what you want and you will surely get it. Sadly it also knows how to blind, encourages uncertainty to spread, bulge & infect others.

The worst place to find this cancer would be in a work environment, A place where 80%-90% of people there do not know each other personally. Well, let’s say you are honest, hardworking and humble then you realise you are managed by someone with a huge dose of uncertainty. They will instruct, delegate & push others in lines that will eventually cause confusion, stress and then more trouble in the long run.

Sadly, you can’t tell certain people straight up concerning their confusing methods caused by their uncertainty.
But stay with me… I have a solution that is most likely the best option!

When it comes to love and living your own life freely… Well this is the hard part.
Most people become a whole bunch of other people before they finally find themselves. During this time, before you find yourself one will be -according to this post- Uncertain!
It is not a bad place to be if one will find who they are meant to be before the going changes their path and makes them no different than the next person (un – unique)

Once one does not conclude to whom they should love or whom they wish to be they slowly change the course of their life to directions they never knew they could get and mostly like it and see it to the worst because some of us sometimes get used to the uncertainty of our wishes and get addicted to the things we find on our way… as earlier mentioned, changing the course forever.

The last two weekends i experienced a whole new level of crazy, excitement, emotional torment and other haunting wishes. But then after the week began, i realised, all the wrong that got to happen, happened only because i was not sure what to go ahead with, priorities and highlighting best choices.

Well… i would not want you to go through the same situations or worse. Believe me, uncertainty doesn’t take anyone on a better path. So here are the few tricks i know will work well.

• Stay Humble
• Pray
• Work Extra Hard
• Respect Everyone

Number one is self explanatory & the second one is paramount.
The third is aimed to grant you favour by many for it is with your hands that others will acknowledge your presence. And last but not least, respect everyone regardless of their status, image, background, height or e.t.c… well in reward, what i know you will receive is respect in return and more favour from goodness and mercy.

If all hopes fail and uncertainty breaks you and sets you under a blazing sun, go home and remind #God that you did your best and that He promised you He would do the rest.

Thank you AfroGinger for inspiring me and my friends to write up something after such a while. Follow: AfroGinger here!

Thanks for the massive response and inspirational messages back…and i wish you all the best this week and month, September,(Zambia’s weather confused “uncertain” month)

Be Uncertain

From the vision of someone in a car, there is so much more they could know if they walked the footsteps of a Zambian in the streets.

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